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You Bet, Seminars Still Work!

Greg Skogsberg, CEO at TWH Agency, has been helping agents do seminars continuously since May 2005, and they are even more successful today than ever before.

So, why do so many agents, vendors, and marketing companies claim that seminars don’t work?

Because they absolutely don’t work, if:

  • You use the wrong invitation
  • You invite the wrong people
  • You use the wrong venue
  • You use the wrong seminar registration system
  • You use the wrong attendance confirmation process
  • You serve the wrong meal
  • You choose the wrong time of day
  • You choose the wrong day of the week
  • You use the wrong handout materials
  • You use the wrong sign-in process
  • You perform the wrong presentation
  • You use the wrong appointment setting process
  • You finish with the wrong drip-marketing follow-up system

All you have to do is get all of these steps right and seminars work better than any other client development system ever created. But you don’t have to try to figure out all of these steps, because we’ve been perfecting every step of the seminar process since May 2005. We have done hundreds of seminars, in all different types of venues, with all different types of audiences. We’ve made—and paid for—the mistakes, so you won’t have to. We can even step in as the presenter, in case you don’t care for public speaking. We customize every seminar marketing process to meet your needs and style.

You also don’t have to buy our seminar system! In fact, it is not even for sale. Unlike some other companies, we are not going to charge you thousands of dollars for a CD-ROM and “how-to” manual and then send you on your way. Quite the opposite.

We have developed our very own seminar presentation, focused on annuity, life, and LTC sales—and we can customize it to fit your selling style, business model, and client preferences. All for no fee at all.

Give us a call and let’s talk about how seminars could increase your sales. It doesn’t cost anything to talk about the potential—does it? There’s no sales pitch, and certainly no obligation.

You probably have questions. We definitely have answers. Let’s talk. 800-200-9194 or

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