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You Bet, Seminars Still Work!

We have developed our very own seminar presentation, focused on annuity, life, and LTC sales—and we can customize it to fit your selling style, business model, and client preferences. All for no fee at all.

Industry-related videos

We've curated a few industry videos that you can use to educate your clients. More will be coming over time—feel free to let us know if you find more you think would benefit others.

"Using Annuities to Create a Secure Retirement!"

Our classy brochure gives your customers a great introduction to annuities and explains why they should consider annuities as a part of their retirement planning. Download the brochure and print yourself or contact our partner to have this beautiful marketing piece professionally printed at a very reasonable price.

Understanding indexed products

Indexed Products are the fastest growing insurance products in the industry. They are also one of the least understood.

Fortunately, there is a web site designed by actuaries that will provide understanding of complex financial concepts by using clear descriptions and graphs – GoFigureNow. GoFigureNow allows you to enter product features and view how the product would have performed on a historical basis.

Indexed products can meet financial needs by balancing risk and reward. They provide a great opportunity for many people, but only those who understand product performance will reap the full benefits.

Call us for more information and learn how you can receive your exclusive 10% discount on GoFigureNow!

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